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7th Annual Proactive Workplace Law Workshop

Business Owners, Managers and HR Professionals:

In today’s rapidly shifting legal and business environment, entrepreneurs, managers and HR professionals are consistently citing feelings of being overwhelmed as they try to keep pace with new requirements and obligations, while seeking effective ways to operate and stay competitive in the marketplace.

Join us for the 7th annual Williams HR Law Proactive Workplace Law Workshop, an interactive learning experience that leverages real-world scenarios, as well as legislative and case-law developments, to help you develop customized strategies to promote HR law compliance and best practices across your workplace.

In preparing for the workshop each year, our firm assesses the HR issues that our clients are finding most challenging to navigate within their organizations.  Given the recent seismic shift that took place on the employment law landscape with the enactment of new legislation, and the impact of the #metoo movement on the workplace, it didn’t take much reflection to land on the themes that will be of most value to attendees.

Through our usual interactive case study workshop format, this year’s content will explore practical strategies to:

Navigate the complexities of complying with new scheduling rights rules resulting from the anticipated amendments to the ESA, which will come into effect on January 1, 2019.

  • Explore the requirements and potential impact of the new Pay Transparency legislation, which has completed the legislative process and will become law imminently.
  • Establish effective policies and procedures to address accommodation obligations in anticipation of the legalization of recreational cannabis use as of July 1, 2018.
  • Minimize exposures to newly-expanded risks to chronic mental stress claims under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act.
  • Create or modify practices and policies to better address and contain risks of harassment and sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • Address the impact of recently enacted equal pay for equal work provisions under the ESA, along with proposed legislation related to providing pay transparency.

Our workshop will provide practical, actionable tactics that help mitigate risk, minimize costs and maximize performance across your organization— ultimately helping your organization walk the people-management tightrope with greater confidence.

If you require further assistance, please contact Amanda at 905-205-0496.

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HR Summit Spring 2018

Calming the Storm – Succeeding in Turbulent Times

As the HR landscape continues to shift at a rapid pace, organizations are facing an increasing number of major – and often interrelated – challenges.  These challenges include a dramatically altered legal landscape, changes in competitive environments, and ongoing struggles to recruit, engage and retain top performers. Add in fundamental advances in technology and industry-wide disruption, and it’s clear that these changes and new realities are causing business and HR leaders to feel overwhelmed and chronically in reactive mode.

Learn how to proactively navigate these changes at the 2018 HRPA HR Summit.  The HR Summit will include a series of interactive and engaging sessions and workshops covering a broad range of topics. This full-day session will be of great value to HR leaders and their organizations towards developing HR strategy suited to today’s complex business atmosphere.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the key challenges impacting HR
  • Learn about the most current legal changes
  • Learn how to develop the right mindset to manage change successfully
  • Understand how to lead different generations in the workforce, particularly in millennial-dominated organizations
  • Develop effective time-management skills to become more effective
  • Understand the relationship between culture and business strategy
  • Learn how to think more strategically and act more purposefully in your daily tasks